Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Top 5 Drinks To Be Avoided #WorstDrinks #DietDisasters

I'm enrolled in a diet plan and after exercising and dieting, it is easy for us to grab a drink just to quench our thirst and tiredness. But after learning this from SHAPE, I guarantee--- you won't attempt to drink again.


There are a lot like this in the market, flavored and infused. Most of this, you can read at the back of the labels have added few extra vitamins but most of it are sugars.

So be careful in buying flavored waters that says it has a lot of vitamins,.good for the body. CHECK THE LABEL, if you see that it is more on water and sugar then leave it on the fridge. DO NOT BUY IT!


How many of us were to believe about this drink, SUGAR FREE and LOW or ZERO CALORIES? Oh c'mon! Maybe all of us were hypnotized with this campaign.

I have a friend who is addicted with cola, she drinks diet coke all day, not thinking that for every drink she might damage her body.

Let us say its TRUE, that it has zero calories and indeed a diet cola, but we have also to discipline our self, that drinking too much of this can destroy our self too!


I'm sure everyone will be shock about this. Yes, fruits are healthy and it is good for us, especially those who are in to a diet.

Let us say, eating whole pineapple or the entire mango and a cup of strawberries and grapes in just one sitting. How many calories you have there? Too much consumption of sugar content but fewer intake of a fiber and proteins plus 700 calories??? My gosh!

Those calories will be stored in our fat cells, now you have to burn it again and again by exercising.


Lemonade in an artificial flavoring pack.

Well you can buy this one in the market. Just add water then mix and there you have your lemonade drink. A cup of lemonade is composed of 100 calories, plus six teaspoon of sugar and zero nutrients--- you are just drinking a liquid candy. Not good, most especially if that pack is added with a magic sugar. Whew! Very bad!


If we're tired we need energy, and to give us that kind of boost we need "ENERGY DRINK".

Problem is that most energy drinks are loaded with too much caffeine and sugar. Even if they say, they have less caffeine and no sugar added but still they will give you short-term burst of energy.

For me, too much is not good. Limit your intake and if you need something to boost your energy and at the same time help you with your diet just drink 8 glasses of water per day, or sip a cup of a green tea and snacking a handful of a walnuts.

*Source: Shape 


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  1. Good thing I'm not a fan of any of these. :)

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