Saturday, April 4, 2015

Black Rice Pudding #LentenMeal #GoodFriday #HolySaturday

Read a lots of shout-outs in Facebook about someone having BINIGNIT and BIKO for Good Friday and Holy Saturday.

Each households are busy preparing and helping in dicing, grating, slicing of ingredients. Even the smell of our house and some of my neighborhood tells that their are also cooking BINIGNIT and BIKO.

These are some of the foods identified as food for the Holy Week. Why? Because no meat in observance of this religious occasion. 

Last year we had also Binignit and Biko, and its like we had binignit and biko the whole week, ended up bloated. So, I tell my mom if she is going to cook again binignit and biko this time kindly give some to other neighbors who haven't nothing to eat at all.

Though it was indeed popular in my hometown, I prefer this BLACK RICE PUDDING for a change, as my #BLACKFRIDAY meal.

I saw this recipe from Veronica's Cornucopia Site, and I adore her pudding recipe.

(C) Black Rice Pudding 

You can print recipe HERE

This is another healthy recipe that you can enjoy. A dessert that is full of antioxidants, more than a blueberries.


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