Friday, June 13, 2014

Water Cake or Mizu Shingen Mochi Cake

At first it looks like a drop of water but it is a CAKE.  A so called Japanese Water Cake or famous known as the MIZU SHINGEN MOCHI Cake.


SHINGEN-MOCHI is one of Yamanashi prefecture in Japan. A small chewy mochi(rice cakes) covered with ground roasted soy bean and brown sugar syrup.

MIZU means water. 


A delicate at it looks but need to consumed in 30 minutes, after which it will simply turn into a puddle of water.

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From a brief history of the so called cake:

Shingen is actually a name of Japan's famous warlords, SHINGEN TAKEDA. It's an old tradition to put mochi covered with soy bean powder and brown sugar syrup on every household of a Buddhist altar during the BON FESTIVAL. Shingen-mochi was born from a local culture and use the name Shingen as their sign of respect as they marketed the product.

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The sensation of eating water cake was a bit surprising, since it felt like the cake turned into water into your mouth, but it was delicious.   


Made by Kinseiken Seika Company, using the water from the Southern Japanese alps and can only be enjoyed in one of the Kinseiken's two Yamagata prefecture locations.


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  1. It's the first time i saw that kind of cake and i want to experience eating one. It looks like a cake from another planet!

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