Saturday, May 26, 2012


These hamburgers are easy to make and all the neighbor kids love them!

You will need two kinds of biscuits, you can use FIBISCO BISCUIT and OREO.

We laid them out in an assembly line fashion.

White frosting acts as the mayonnaise. Put the “mayonnaise” on one FIBISCO BISCUIT then top it with an OREO.

Press the chocolate cookie down so the “mayonnaise” oozes out. Yum! You DO like mayonnaise on your hamburgers?

Use a pastry bag or a ziplock bag to apply mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup, and lettuce.
Fill your ziplock bag with the appropriate color then snip a small triangle off the corner. Easy!

Apply the mustard and catsup…

And the green lettuce…

Add the top of the bun…

Pour sesame seeds into a pan to brown. Be careful! Once they start browning you will notice they start cooking really fast.  Pour the browned sesame seeds immediately in a heat safe bowl so they stop cooking. Do not use Styrofoam plate or cups. 

This is agave syrup which drops onto the top of the bun. Spread agave syrup with a pastry brush.  (You can use Honey syrup instead of Agave).

Then add toasted sesame seeds.

Let sit overnight if you want the agave syrup to dry.

NOTE: To make the frosting use any white frosting recipe you like. Divide the frosting into four parts for the four different colors. For best color results use the color gel for cake decorating.

Recipe and photo credit to randompocketnotes

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