Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Korean all time fave food snack is now the worldwide health fever snack here in the Philippines especially in Davao City.  People's interest in healthy food rise up, and now the interest is expanded to the raw material and cooking method day by day.  

The Deli Pop snack and rice cakes machine basically use the Pop snack material having advantage of crispy and light texture.  The natural local grains such as rice, brown rice, and many more can be used.  

These natural grains WITHOUT ARTIFICIAL PRESERVATIVES are produced right on the site wherein you have to wait for about a second and POP OUT there it goes....

DELI POP comes in a variety of flavors

Pop snack and rice cake are made in the pot of the machine.  I was so amazed with this invention.   Not only that the food itself is so yummy, crispy and healthy it is also a diet snack best for you.

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